Judi Israel
Works in Clay

"I look for the whimsy and even the silliness in my surroundings.  My art should make people smile."

Rhode Island clay artist Judi Israel grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts
and has a B.S. and a M.S. from Boston University.  Over the years she
has taken clay related classes at Massachusetts College of Art, Boston
Adult Education, Cambridge Adult Education, Framingham’s Danforth
Museum, R.I.S.D., and has participated in many workshops in the U.S.
and Mexico.  Her works have been shown in Nantucket, the Danforth
Museum School, the New Britain Museum of American Art in Connecticut,
the Morgan Library & Museum and Columbia University in New York,
Women at Work Museum in Attleboro, and galleries in Newport, Providence,
and Warren, R.I.  Some of her recent works are included in permanent
installations at Hasbro Children’s and Rhode Island Hospitals. She is
proud to be a member of Mudstone Studio in Warren, R.I.

Judi’s work reflects her constant quest for humor in the world around her.
“I look for the whimsy and silliness in my surroundings.  My art reflects
the synergy between art, humor and life and I hope it makes people smile.”

Judi Israel

(C) 2008-2010 Judi Israel